How can I check the availability of products?
Next to each product you will find information on its availability in the store:

No goods – currently zero items in stock; if you are particularly interested in that product, let us know by e-mail at
Low stock – the last items are still in stock, so hurry with your purchase!
Medium stock – we have at least several or a larger number of items in stock
Large stock – we have a sufficient quantity of the product in stock to fulfil many orders
Available to order – we can obtain the product specially for you; contact us by e-mail at
Delivery expected – the product will be available shortly
Withdrawn – our store no longer offers the product
How can I check the progress of an order?
We will send information to your e-mail address about progress in fulfilling your order. Also, on logging on to your account, you will be able to access full information about your current and past orders: status, content, addresses given, etc.

How long will I have to wait for delivery?
Immediately after you place an order you will receive an information e-mail containing a link which you should click to confirm the order – we will then begin processing the order. Current information on progress with your order will be sent to your e-mail address.

Date of receipt of goods = dispatch date + delivery time
The dispatch date depends on the availability of products and the selected method of payment, while the delivery time depends on your chosen method of delivery.

» detailed information on fulfilment of orders

What methods of delivery are available?
Depending on the quantity and weight of the products ordered, the chosen method of payment and your own preferences, you may select one of the following methods of delivery:

Polish Post office (economy or priority delivery),
collection in person.
» detailed description of delivery methods

How much will I pay for delivery?
You will see the total cost of delivery for your order after you have added products to your basket and selected your preferred methods of delivery and payment – in the summary you will find the precise amount payable. Depending on the chosen method of payment (payment in advance or on delivery) and mode of delivery, the cost of delivery will be about 6-10 Euro, Courier 15 Euro.It depends on region of Delivery.

» detailed delivery costs

How can I pay for my order?
Depending on the value of the order, the chosen method of delivery and your own preferences, you can Pay only via Debit/Credit Card

Can I collect goods in person?
Only online shopping.

If you are debating whether to buy a particular product, and you have an account with us, just log on and add the product to your storeroom. The products in the storeroom are remembered for you. When you next log on to the store, you will find all of the products you saved. At any time you can return to them, move them to the shopping basket or remove them from the storeroom.

Can I obtain a VAT invoice?

No, Our Company is not a VAT Payer. We can send receipt.

How can I change my order?
You can modify your order only up to the time when it has been fully made up. After it has been sent to the stated address, changes are no longer possible. To make any changes to your order (change of address, addition of product, change to method of payment or delivery), contact us as quickly as possible

I placed an order in error. How can I cancel it?
You can cancel your order only up to the time when it has been fully made up. After it has been sent to the stated address, cancellation is no longer possible. To cancel an order, contact us as quickly as possible

Where is my package?
If you select the courier delivery option, you will receive an e-mail with the number of the shipping list and a link to a page where you can keep track of the current location of your package. If you are a registered store customer, that link will also be visible in the Shipping column when you view your order details.

Detailed complaint procedure

Can I return a product that I have purchased?
Yes, according to the Act of 2 March 2000, within 14 days of the date of collecting ordered goods, you can return a product bought online without giving reasons. However the goods must not carry signs of use or be damaged, and must be in the original packaging with its entire contents intact.